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Ignore the Liberals Behind the Curtain

Posted by Adam Graham on February 15, 2007

The Statesman poo poos criticism of BSU’s 80 +% liberal biased group of speakers:

Boise State should continue to invite speakers from all directions of the political and social spectrum.

Former U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix is due to speak March 12 through the university’s Distinguished Lecture Series, supported by student fees.

BSU’s Brandt Foundation’s privately funded lecture series, which invites a conservative speaker to the campus each fall, last year sponsored William A. Niskanen, chairman of the libertarian Cato Institute. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, will visit campus this spring or next fall to deliver a lecture about college football’s Bowl Championship Series. Hearings held by Hatch helped liberalize bowl rules and led to BSU’s inclusion in the Fiesta Bowl.

BSU does not need to waste time balancing speakers to political agendas. Neither does the Legislature.

Yeah, continue is an amazing word, consider that the IVA reported:

BSU student Brandon Stoker has analyzed the roster of major guest speakers who have visited Boise State University over the last five years. (This is information I’ve discussed in this space before.) Of those 21 speakers, 18 were liberals and just three were libertarians or conservatives. (Names on that roster: Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Gloria Steinem, Ralph Nader, Angela Davis, Danny Glover, and Peter Jennings*.) Of the 15 guest speakers the university paid for, all were liberal, meaning of course that 100% of the funds spent on guest speakers in that period have gone to left-leaning lecturers. Stoker estimates the university has spent upwards of $500,000 on these speakers, when honoraria, security, lodging, and private or first class air fare are included.

The Statesman also argues that it’s “okay” since it’s being paid for by Student fees not by tax dollars. Nonsense. Student fees are collected from the entire student body and as such the speaker should be representative of them. I don’t consider 15-3 liberal representative outside of Urban San Francisco.


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