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Imitation is Lame

Posted by Adam Graham on February 15, 2007

Looking at the conservative attempt to be the next daily show, let’s just say much is to be desired:

Now, let’s be fair that this is an early attempt, but immediately from this short clip, it seems there are few problems:

1) The writing on the news segments isn’t funny
2) The timing of the actors is off.
3) The personality’s not there.

4) There’s no chemistry between the stars of the show.

Other than that, it’s got potential. The biggest problem to me is that this show screams at the top of it’s lungs, “RIP OFF! Big fat rip off!”

Jon Stewart has got his schtick, so does Colbert. They’re good at it, just as Rush Limbaugh is good at his. You can ask half a dozen people who’ve ended up successful in radio, television, etc. and you won’t find one of them that went on the show trying to be someone else. Heretofore, that’s why there’s no Conservative Jon Stewart and no liberal Rush Limbaugh. The mold’s broken, find your own thing and don’t try and rip-off someone else.

Hat Tip: The Unequivocal Notion.


2 Responses to “Imitation is Lame”

  1. Where can I pick up a copy of BO magazine?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Try the anti-perspirant aisle. :) The parody was cute, not uproariously funny, but cute.

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