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Sali: More Than “No Is Not A Plan”

Posted by Adam Graham on February 16, 2007

The Mountain Goat Report did Congressman Sali a grave injustice in describing Sali’s one minute speech on Iraq:

Well you certainly can’t accuse Congressman Bill Sali (ID-01) of being eloquent…

Sali received one minute to deliver his speech on Feb. 14th. He opened with the words, “No, is not a plan,” and closed with the words, “No, is not a plan.” There was some other stuff in the middle although not much since he did only have a minute.

Hmmm…Nancy Reagan thought “Just say no” sounded like a pretty good plan. What does Congressman Sali have against Nancy Reagan?

Well, Nancy Reagan was talking about not doing drugs. In that case, no is a plan. However, in his one minute speech, Congressman Sali explained this clearly:

Mr. Speaker, for those who would support House Concurrent Resolution
63, I ask, what is your plan? ‘‘No’’ is not a plan.

We have three options to follow. The first is to stay the course. I don’t know
of anyone, including the President, who is suggesting we take that route. The second is to increase the troops level, which the supporters of House
Concurrent Resolution 63 are saying no to. The only other option is to reduce

I would ask you who will support House Concurrent Resolution 63, read the Baker-Hamilton report, a bipartisan report, that talks about the effects that will occur if we do withdraw from Iraq. There will be widespread violence
there, more than we are seeing today. And they warn us that a withdrawal
may require the U.S. to engage, once again, in Iraq to stabilize that area.

So for those of you who would support House Concurrent Resolution 63, I
again ask, what is your plan? ‘‘No’’ is not a plan.

Well said, by Congressman Sali. I’m not a big fan of the surge, but the Democrats are offering nothing but bashing the commandmer-in-chief. Of course, the response to this reasonable point is for the commenters to say Bill Sali only has two brain cells.


2 Responses to “Sali: More Than “No Is Not A Plan””

  1. Yes Adam, I admit that it was sort of a cheap shot. I should have included more substance dealing with why I feel Sali has it wrong and less on the easy joke. Thanks for keeping me honest.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Fair enough and thanks for being honest enought to admit the mistake.

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