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Conservative Blogging 101, Lesson 1: Why Blog?

Posted by Adam Graham on February 18, 2007

“I don’t believe in blogging.”

My jaw dropped as the words came out of the mouth of a Republican leader. You don’t believe in the technology that will shape our political debate in the coming century? You don’t believe in the power of a tool that will totally change the way we obtain news and information?

Of course, I didn’t say that then, but it’s a question I have now. Idaho Liberals gloat of their dominance of the blogosphere in what amounts to a totally absurd number (15:1) given that we elect the most Republican Legislature in America, a 100% Republican Congressional delegation, and a slate of State officers that’s entirely Republican.

In last year’s election, while Idaho Republicans enjoyed great successes across the state, there were some notable warning signs. Republicans lost control of all 12 of Boise’s Legislative seats. This was due to many factors, but could part of it be that Idaho’s conservatives have lost touch with a younger, more technically savvy city?

Today, every political campaign is so full of ads that it sickens your stomach. Yet, it wasn’t always so. At the beginning of TV campaign advertising, the ads were relatively vanilla. What changed that? This ad from the campaign of Lyndon B. Johnson changed the way we viewed television advertising forever.

Though demagogic in it’s allegations that the election of Barry M. Goldwater would bring about a worldwide nuclear disaster, it was nonetheless effective. In the General election, Lyndon B. Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater by a ridiculous margin of 61-39%, Republicans lost 2 Senate Seats and 36 House Seats. At this point, Republicans started to take television seriously.

Is similar catastrophe required to shake conservatives out of their 21st century complacency? While liberals raise millions of dollars that they used to defeat people like Senator George Allen (R-Va.), too many conservatives choose to remain in blissful ignorance. Ignorance is costly and in this lesson, I explain why conservatives need to become involved in this thing called “the blogosphere.”

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Next Week: What is blogging:

UPDATE: David Oatney of the World According to Oatney provides some great perspective on why blogging is so important. Click here to download.

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