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Will We Be the American Idol of Books?

Posted by Adam Graham on February 19, 2007

Reuters reported in January that a website was going to host “The American Idol of Books.” I might not quite have the belly that Ruben Stannard does (it’d be close though), but by golly a chance to compete for $5,000 and a book contract was too much to pass up.

So, both Andrea and I have spent part of the last month polishing our respective manuscripts and bothe are entered for the grand prize.

I offered Tales of the Dim Knight a story of a man who, after finding an alien symbiot becomes a Super Hero. It’s definitely on the lighter side. Those who have enjoyed, “Your Average Ordinary Alien” will also get a kick out of “Tales of the Dim Knight.”

Andrea has Country at Heart, a young adult romance that deals with some serious issues. Much of the story centers around a campground that’s based on one she and her family spent most Summers at when she was growing up. This story is definitely not Spec. Fic, though Andrea did try to make it. I talked her out of using a frame featuring the main characters telling the story to their cloned grandchildren. I told her this story shouldn’t have any cloning around in it. (Please don’t let that last pun stop you from reading my story or Andrea’s for that matter.)

Your reading and your honest votes are much appreciated. If you want to vote, click here to join


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