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Good Deal

Posted by Adam Graham on February 22, 2007

I’m not a huge fan of the Boise City Council, but I think their plan for opening new libraries is sound and quite a bit less expensive than the one taxpayers rejected last year.

One of these new storefront branches will be much closer to my house than the downtown Library. Depending on the number of books (and other media) available, this library may just be a drop off spot for books I check out from the main library, but it’ll at the very least help relieve some pressure on the downtown branch as well as downtown traffic.


NR, a commenter raised a great point:

My biggest question about the libraries would be why the city council didn’t consider this option before they went to the voters with a vague bond measure.

Obviously, there were a few things with the bond measure. The size of it comes to play. We’d have ended up with much bigger, full service branches. For good measure they also threw in recreational space. It would have created a far more sophisticated system then what we’ll have now.

Then they went ahead and scheduled an election when they thought only supporters would come out, and we’re surprised when opponents found their way to the ballot box.

To me, it’s a real sign of the arrogance up at City Hall, the last 2-4 years. If sufficient public input had been obtained, we would have known this wasn’t going to fly. I love libraries and was conflicted on the issue, and I think a lot of Boiseans felt the same way. The Bieter Administration from day one has been one that does a lot without talking to we, the people (which believe it or not is more than North End neighborhoods.) Without a public hearing, the Ten Commandments were ripped out of Julia Davis Park. Had the Mayor simply held a hearing, I doubt the Coalition could have garnered enough support to get the citizen’s initiative. Mayor Bieter and Councilman Shealy got their way after three years, with indications that a lot of people voted against the monument, not so much out of agreement with the Council, but fatigue with the issue. In the process, the city spent thousands of dollars on an expensive lawsuit trying to avoid an expensive lawsuit.

This is an election year necessity and necessity is the mother of invention. Yes, I’m thankful for the new branches, but only the arrogance of the current administration in City Hall has made such a delay happen.


2 Responses to “Good Deal”

  1. NR [Visitor] said

    My biggest question about the libraries would be why the city council didn’t consider this option before they went to the voters with a vague bond measure.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Good question.I’m going to update the main post later on tonight with an answer.

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