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The Best New Liberal Blog in Idaho

Posted by Adam Graham on February 22, 2007

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, after I saw that Randy Stapilus had praised the Mountain Goat Report and Alan at Idablue chimed in, I must add my praise.

I think a lot of the left blogs are stereotypical, over the topic, hysterical, and uninteresting. But the Mountain Goat Report is a good read. Over the couple months, this person’s been blogging, I’ve been truly impressed, by his natural style, his great nose for news and finding the great story. The blog also excels at design.

I’m a Republican, but I appreciate how well the Mountain Goat Report plays it’s role as watchdog of the other party, and the other side. Though, I’ve chided him a few times for some perceived errors, I’m very glad he’s in the blogosphere.


4 Responses to “The Best New Liberal Blog in Idaho”

  1. I love you too Adam.

    No really though, thanks. It’s great sparring with you on occasion.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    LOL. Thanks.

  3. Alan [Visitor] said

    Okay Adam, it’s commendable of you to praise a blue blog, but you’ve got to come up with at least one other label for non-conservatives.

    Not everyone that doesn’t share your world view is a “liberal.” I tend to associate “liberals” with a nanny state and folks that have a had time tempering desire for utopia with the reality of what’s achievable. Go to the zombietime site and look at the pix of the Berkley folks sporting communist t-shirts. There be the liberals.

    If I had to label MG, I’d call him a progressive, or even a moderate. In Idaho’s blue blogosphere I think we go from moderate to very liberal, e.g., Morialekafka.

    Really, tarring everyone with the same brush just detracts from your credibility. It puts you in a box with folks who can’t discern legitimate distinctions, that is, it takes you out of what we progressives like to call the reality based world and puts you into the wingnutosphere. Many wingers just use the liberal lable as an emotional trigger to get the reader/listener to stop thinking. “Oh, ‘liberal,’ bad.”

    I think you’re aware of the nuances. When you indiscriminately use the “liberal” label, even when the person is obviously not as left leaning as many, it looks as if you can’t perceive or don’t care about any differences of viewpoint.

    In a nutshell, “liberal” is a hasty generalization, and I think you are more rational than that.

  4. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Typical liberal. :) Basically, the majority of the Idaho blogosphere is either left or far left, and everything you post is left and I’ve not seen anything that MG posted that wouldn’t put him as a liberal. I’ll never use progressive because it’s really an unfair label that says only people on your end are for progress. If you really want to dispute it, we caould go on the podcast and I could quiz you on dozens of issues to see where you stand.

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