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Where Were You, Robert Vasquez?

Posted by Adam Graham on February 22, 2007

The Idaho Press tribune reports
Robert Vasquez missed a huge number of commission meetings last year:

Vasquez, who is running for U.S. Sen. Larry Craig’s seat in 2008, maintains that he performed all the required duties of his office in 2006 despite the absences. Vasquez missed 15 days in April and May, around the time his Republican primary campaign for U.S. Congress was being decided.

Commissioners Matt Beebe and David Ferdinand were out of the office 13 and 17 days, respectively, in 2006.

Vasquez was also not in attendance for more than 80 commissioner functions where attendance was recorded in December and early January, his last month in office. Most of those were medical indigency hearings that took place over two days.

“Often I had other business to take care of outside of the office,” Vasquez said. “Of course it was county business. It was either county business or business that would serve the interests of my constituents.

I don’t necessarily fault the absences in April and May. Everyone attacks attendance records, but the fact is that we’ve all supported politicians who took time off from their jobs to campaign (remember John Kerry in 2004?) but with so many coming in November and December, it seems to suggest that Vasquez contracted what we call short-timers disease at my workplace. That’s when you know you’re out of there and totally slack off on the job and in Vasquez’s case, showing up to work.

While sometimes, there is business out of the office, I’m incredulous at the idea that Vasquez required at least three times the number of out of the office days.

Regardless, I doubt it will be an issue in the campaign. Senator Craig should defeat Vasquez by about a 68-32% margin, if not more.

Hat Tip: The Mountain Goat Report.


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