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A Conservative to Win

Posted by Adam Graham on February 26, 2007

In a column a few weeks ago entitled, “The Conservative Movements of 2008,” I explained that if a principled Conservative were to win the Republican Presidential nomination, he must unite all Conservatives, including those who favor border enforcement, social conservatives, and economic conservatives. These constituencies must be brought together or any conservative campaign against the establishment will fall apart.(I explained why we should not back McCain, Giuliani, or McCain in a separate piece, “The Men Who Would Destroy Conservatism”)

While there are many other decent men who are running for President, their records will be their undoing as establishment candidate will be able to use those areas where candidates have contributed to our nation’s problems to peel away conservative votes.

The National Policy Council, a group of conservative thinkers and leaders met recently in hopes of finding a candidate conservatives of principle could all get behind and according to the New York Times, they left “dissatisfied” and “uncertain as to where to turn” for 2008.

What happened? They considered three of the foremost names mentioned as conservative alternatives and problems arose.

While people appreciated Senator Sam Brownback (R-Ks.)’s commit to pro-life causes and the defense of marriage, as well as generally strong fiscal record, the highly charged immigration debate has stoked fires across this county and Senator Brownback has placed himself in alliance with Senator McCain and Senator Kennedy in supporting amnesty. With Brownback’s stance on immigration, he’ll not win the support of those concerned with border security.

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Ca.) has a great pro-life record and is solid on national defense and the border. Some were concerned with his stance on trade issues, which might hurt him with some businesses, but not with most in the base. The most disconcerting part of his record comes in the area of fiscal discipline. As a member of Congress last year, he rated a grade of C+ from the National Taxpayer’s Union. Last year, Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Az.) let a charge to eliminate 19 wasteful earmarks from Appropriations Bills and to highlight the need to root out wasteful spending. Congressman Hunter voted against all 19 Amendments. His record will be no comfort to fiscal conservatives. who have watched the country run up record deficits with the assistance of Congressman Hunter.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-Ar.) has an excellent record on pro-life and pro-family issues. In addition, he has a great personal weight loss story that should serve as an example to all Americans engaged in the battle of the bulge. However, people can sense the trouble brewing on Huckabee with fiscal conservatives. The Club for Growth has already issued numerous press releases on Huckabee’s record of spending and tax increases while Governor of Arkansas. In addition, Huckabee has called immigration reform legislation “racist.”

These men who met in Florida saw a Hobson’s choice: 1) Support an Establishment Candidate with pretended conservatism or 2) Support a Candidate who will be unacceptable to a great portion of the conservative base.

I faced that Hobson’s choice months ago. One was never an option and two seemed silly, so I chose option three: find another candidate. This election will redefine our nation’s politics. It is far too important for conservatives to not have a solid candidate running.

There’s a candidate who believes in protecting unborn children, securing our borders, and getting our fiscal house in order. He believes in traditional marriage, supports the fair tax, and as a CPA will be well-equipped to educate our nation That candidate is John Cox. Mr. Cox has lived the American Dream. He was born the son of a single mother and became a multi-millionaire. He’s a movement conservative, who believes in both social and economic conservatism. He served on Jack Kemp’s steering committee when Kemp ran in 1988. Most of his life was spent building wealth, creating jobs, and being a good neighbor with his work for groups such as the USO.

Surveying the candidates for 2008, he saw the same thing I did: the candidate he wanted wasn’t running and the candidates who were running, he didn’t want. Many of us in this situation sit and wish for a candidate we could support and in the end back whoever the establishment tells us. Mr. Cox not only decided to take option three, he become the candidate.

It has been 68 years since either Party nominated someone who was not either the President, a current or former Vice-President, Governor, or Senator, so there’ll be a natural resistance to the idea of choosing someone whose not a professional politician. However, given the ineptitude, corruption, and disasters that have been a result of our current political leaders, I think Americans are ready for a leader with executive experience in the private sector, common sense, and a dedication to principle.

I not only believe that it is the best path for our country in 2008, but it is a winning path for conservative ideas and values. While different people have different reasons for wearing that label, “conservative” those of us who dedicate ourselves to principle must remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, “We must either hang together or we must hang separately.” And I believe John Cox is a candidate for principled conservatives to rally around.

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