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$11 Million For Standing Firm

Posted by Adam Graham on February 28, 2007

Sorry, actual text posts have been light the last few days. Life has been hectic with all the events around a car replacement:

When Governor Otter got the legislature to agree to limit it’s expansion to one undeground wing and focus on office space. Now, we know, $11 million. Good work, Governor. I appreciate it when we have a leader show necessary backbone and get results.


2 Responses to “$11 Million For Standing Firm”

  1. Alan [Visitor] said

    The optimist in you is showing. You look at it and see $11M in savings. From a strict spending view $11M saved is $11M saved, and good for the Gov.

    An alternative view is, for the other $30M, which had been arranged, the state could have twice the space for not even close to twice the money, and meet its needs for one hundred years, instead of 50. The cost per square foot would be much less by buying the bigger place.

    Which is really more efficient?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Well, we could get a real good on 3 underground wings at that rate. I dont think government nor the legislature should be that big, nor should legislators have offices. This is a citzen legislature and I think Governor Otter insured it will remain that way.

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