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Two Elections a Year are Enough

Posted by Adam Graham on March 1, 2007

Halli urges you to contact your Senator on a very important bill:

For too long cities and school districts and other taxing entities have chosen bond and levy election dates so obscure and poorly publicized that few voters even show up. But that is their design. Read on.
Please read a previous post detailing how school districts, including my own Bonneville District 93, have perfected the art of whittling down the voters casting ballots on bond issues to a select few who are most likely to vote “yes”, “for the children”.

This consolidation has been attempted before by such legislators as Kent Kunz, R, Pocatello, but with no luck. The time is now ripe to remedy a serious problem that impacts all tax payers, but especially home owners.

An election consolidation bill, limiting all elections to only two dates each year, has already passed the Idaho House, and is on its way to the Senate. Now is the time to urge all senators to vote yes on this bill. Do it “for the children” – your children, the taxpayers of tomorrow, who will not be able to afford to live in Idaho if this robbery by ballot continues.

I second the motion. If we’re to have a serious Republic, we need elections at regular times. By gosh, the school board elections last September snuck up on me like a thief. At these elections called at odd and unusual times, important decisions that will cost all home owners millions of dollars are made. E-mail your senator. When elections can be called willy nilly, then our system truly becomes a joke.


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