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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Straw Poll

Posted by Adam Graham on March 4, 2007

Cross-posted from WhereIStand

Doubtless you’ve all heard about the results of the CPAC strawpoll:

With a total of 1,705 ballots cast by registered conference attendees, this year’s marks the largest ever CPAC Straw Poll, a 36% increase over the number of ballots cast last year (when the former senator from Virginia, George Allen, won the poll).

John Gizzi at Human Events writes:

Although there will no doubt be a winner in their straw poll of Republican presidential favorites for ’08, many participants at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington March 1-3 voiced to me dissatisfaction with the current field — all of whom except John McCain addressed the conclave of 6,000-plus conservatives at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

And then we get this from Red State (a Human Events owned blog):

But in reality, putting on the three-day conference with 5,000 attendees, nearly 200 speakers and about 100 co-sponsors is a monumental task that requires a year’s worth of planning.

Now from two different sources that ought to know (as Human Events is a co-sponsor of CPAC) we see CPAC’s attendance is probably between 3 and 4 times the number who voted in the Strawpoll.

Thus, while Romney will tout a victory that was made possible by his campaign paying the way of numerous college students to CPAC and Giuliani basks in how his 17% showing shows that he can win the Conservative vote, the simple truth is that somewhere between 67% and 75% of the attendees didn’t see any candidate worth supporting.


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