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Taken To The Cleaners

Posted by Adam Graham on March 5, 2007

Julie Fanselow isn’t quite buying the amount that some Businesses are paying to start blogging:

According to a January study by Forrester Research, most companies can start blogging for between $25,000 and $45,000

Julie writes:

Can I offer a reality check? Your business can start blogging for next to nothing. TypePad – the service I use for Red State Rebels and employed for Larry Grant’s campaign blog – costs less than $15 a month for its “pro level,” which is super easy to use, allows multiple authors and multiple blogs, and provides 1 GB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth a month. That’s plenty for most small to mid-size businesses that hope to attract a few hundred to a few thousand readers a day to their blog.

The only other cost I can think of is personnel. Yes, blogging takes a little time, but for the average business blogger making one or two posts a week, we’re talking an hour or so a week, max. Toss in a few hours for the tech staff (or a contractor) to initially design the blog and maybe two hours a week to monitor comments. We’re not talking a lot of time.

Julie has a point, although if I were running a business blog, I’d want to buy a dot com, but that’s only $50 more. Maybe, it explains the ability of business writers to charge a high price for a fairly easy service that no one understands.

Though, if I can get away with charging $25,000 to set up a blog for someone, I ought to consider it. Three clients and I’ll gladly quit my day job, and spin my spare time podcasting and writing about politics.


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