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Back H 248

Posted by Adam Graham on March 7, 2007

Cameron at Magic Valley Mormon writes in support of H 248:

House bill 248 was introduced by Representative Janice McGeachin of Idaho Falls. If passed, it would allow women to see an ultrasound image of their baby before an abortion is performed.

It does not require doctors to do ultrasounds. It does not force women to see the ultrasound. It does require that a doctor who chooses to do an ultrasound must also tell the mother about it and give her the option of seeing it.

This bill would increase the knowledge that mothers have as they face a difficult decision regarding abortion, would most likely reduce the number of abortions performed in Idaho, and would do so well within the confines of existing law.

House bill 248 truly is win-win, and deserves the support of all Idahoans.

I second the motion, now is the time for all Idahoans to contact their legislator in support of this vital legislation.


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