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Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report: Is Jesus Disappointed

Posted by Adam Graham on March 7, 2007

Tonight, we’re going to parse John Edwards’ statement that Jesus “would be disappointed” in our society’s response to poverty. If you’d like to join the converstation, come over to TalkShoe at 7 PM MT/9PM ET over at Talkshoe

Option 1:

1) Register with TalkShoe

2) Go to my show’s site at around 9 PM ET.

3) You can also join the conversation by calling (724) 444-7444 entering our show ID of 7251 and the PIN Number you selected at the time of registration.

Option 2:

Dial 724-444-7444, enter the talk cast id of 7251 and when asked for the PIN enter 8989898989 (a new pin I set up for those who want to call in but aren’t set up with Talk Shoe.) Either way, I’d love to hear from you.


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