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Just Say No to Hollywood Corporate Welfare

Posted by Adam Graham on March 8, 2007

The Idaho Business Review reports that a give away program for Hollywood is making its way through the legislature:

Hollywood. New York. Boise? The Senate voted 23-12 Wednesday for a bill to set up a $1 million fund to pay 20 percent rebates on costs to producers who shoot their films, shows or commercials in Idaho. The bill’s sponsors say similar funds in neighboring states have brought multimillion dollar returns on the investment, and that Idaho is missing on a chance to cash in.

Idaho has some great places to film and it’ll be worth the expense of filmmakers to come out and shoot them. But tell me, is it really moral or just to spend $1 million on this while Idahoans have to pay taxes on the food they buy? I say, “No.” And have contacted Rep. Branden Durst (D-Boise) to urge a “no” vote. I’ll have more (probably tomorrow night) on why I chose not to contact Rep. King.


Rep. Durst is leaning against a vote for the bill and adds another point in an e-mail:

As it stands now, I don’t think I’ll vote in favor of the bill for many of the same reasons you list. I also think that in terms of economic development, there are better options than the one this provides.

Great point, actually. Think of this. The state is spending money for people to come to our state, perform a single economic activity and then scadaddle. Doesn’t make good sense.


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