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Since When Was Pursuasion the Point?

Posted by Adam Graham on March 8, 2007

Clayton Cramer on Coulter:

My wife and I have been talking about this for a day or two. It took a while for my wife to nail down exactly what bothers her, but it comes down to this: Ann Coulter’s sometimes cruel or vicious statements aren’t terribly effective at persuading people in the middle–mostly, they reinforce her fan base, and sell more books. There’s a need to sell books, of course–boy, I wish that I could sell books like Ann Coulter does–but her remarks at CPAC distracted attention from what should have been the real issue: who will conservatives nominate for President next year?

You see, if Ann Coulter turned the pH of her writing down from 0.7 (makes your skin smoke when the acid hits it, followed by yellowing or browning) to about 2.0 (you can feel the acid bite into the skin), she could be more effective at persuading people in the middle–but I suspect that she would be far less noticeable, and sell less books. If she turned the pH down to about 3.0, she would be rather like Michelle Malkin–one of the vast swarm of incredibly smart, pretty conservative women writers out there.

Now, Clayton does hit on a point. Ann Coulter is certainly not a secret weapon to bring moderates and liberals to the Republican side. But is Malkin? Is Mary Katherine Ham? Great bloggers, great ladies, but pursuaders, I don’t know.

Who has been pursuaded to move to the right because of any blogger? I know of no bloggers that are really accomplishing much. What seems to be the focus in fact is internal pursuassion. Liberals pursuading liberals, conservatives pursuading conservatives, and moderates picking up whoever gets to the top on Google.

To be honest, the most pursuasive people in what will happen to our culture will be:

1) Public School teachers
2) College professors
3) Religious instructors with the courage to stand for what they believe.
4) Home Schooled parents.
5) The Entertainment Industry

The first four form worldview through overt instruction, the last through covert influence. The ability to combine “education” and “entertainment” into a single package is why Rush Limbaugh has been influential. I’ve listened to enough of Rush and heard enough “Revival Conversion stories” (“I was a liberal, but I started to listen to you and began to come around…”) that his formula has done a tad more than preach to the converted. Though, just a tad. At the same time, Stephen Colert and Jon Stewart are getting a whole bunch of college kids “Hooked on Liberalism.”

Malkin is entertaining, but I don’t see the converts yet. But winning the future requires being entertaining and unfortunately, the Powerpoint shows just don’t cut it.


4 Responses to “Since When Was Pursuasion the Point?”

  1. Alan [Visitor] said

    Bloggers who accomplish something: Josh Marshall who dragged the US Attorney scandal into the light; KOS, MyDD, and the top Blue bloggers who helped raise a ton of money and are probably responsible for John Testor and Jim Webb.

    I know I am biased, but the seems the lefty bloggers do accomplish things. The big righty bloggers don’t seem to have the same influence, probably because the right has much more media access and don’t need blogs; Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Savage, etc. etc.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Righty bloggers have accomplished some things. Think of the Harriet Miers nomination. The right wing blogosphere killed that. And some right wing blog in Idaho managed to turn back an entire horde of several dozen liberal blogs. ;)

    Of course, what I’m talking about is pursuasion, you’re talking about accomplishing something: two different things.

  3. Alan [Visitor] said

    I’m not persuaded we’re accomplishing much with this discussion.


  4. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Yes, you and your horde of liberal bloggers are very hard to pursuade.

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