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Yes, Someone Gets Paid To Write This Stuff…

Posted by Adam Graham on March 8, 2007

From One News Now:

A conservative strategist and author says several of the more conservative Republican presidential candidates will have to buck history if they hope to secure their party’s nomination next year.

Political analyst Craig Shirley is president of Shirley & Banister – Public Affairs in Alexandria, VA. He says not since 1940 has a candidate other than the frontrunner secured the GOP nomination during a non-incumbent presidential election year. That is when dark horse Wendell Willkie beat out favorite Thomas Dewey for the Republican nod.

For that reason, Shirley believes it will be difficult for conservatives like Tom Tancredo or Duncan Hunter to win the GOP nomination for 2008.

So, let me get this straight, what they’re telling us is the people who are frontrunners have a better chance of winning the nomination. Really? And here I thought Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and John Cox assumed it’d be a cakewalk to the nomination. I mean I’ve only heard this around 2,000 times but hey One News Now calls it a story.

Seriously, both the writer and the subject have clearly transcended the level of us mere mortal to become:


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