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Podcast #210: Who’s the Boss?

Posted by Adam Graham on March 9, 2007

When I urged you to contact your legislators regarding H. 248 (The Woman’s Right to View Act) and took my own advice and e-mailed my legislators. While I received a polite reply from one, I was shocked by what the other wrote back.

Rep. Phylis King (D) wrote:

It is interesting that the only people writing to me about this bill are males! H 248 is unnecessary and redundant. Women can already request to view an ultrasound. But I will probably vote for it since it does nothing.

I was stunned. It takes some politicians decades to develop that type of arrogance. Phyllis King is the subject of today’s morning update:

Who’s the Boss

UPDATE: King changed her mind and voted “no” on the final vote.

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