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When the Cure is Worse Than the Disease

Posted by Adam Graham on March 12, 2007

According to the Buzz Tracker, a discussion has begun at MSNBC‘s message board over a National Primary Day. I can’t access the board, but boy do I have an opinion on the issue. Let’s begin with a more accessible foil in this piece from American Daily by Malcolm Hedges.

The National Primary should be with the same rules and restrictions on media as the November Elections.

February is way too early.

May could be considered or September, neither is the best choice but avoids the June-August summer vacation window.

With such a Primary, all candidates would be on a common basis and artificial enhancement of status would be avoided.

May would create a 6-month race and September would result in a 2-month race.

My personal choice would be for a early September Primary, so we would only have to put up with two months of total saturation with political adverts.

Of course, one could argue a 6-month race would test the candidates under pressure.

Whatever, it needs to be on one day nationwide.

This is pretty the length of the article. Short, sweet and to the point, what you’d exp

He writes this in very short order, with few words at all. Kind of what one reads on a death warrant and that’s appropriate because that’s exactly what Mr. Hedges and all those who advocate for a National Primary would end up doing.

The only problem that Mr. Hedges alludes to (in the one sentence I omitted) is one state having more influence over another. This is hardly solved by the National Primary. A national primary is bad for the same reason that electing by the Popular vote is bad. If you don’t live in California, Texas, Florida, or New York, you really wouldn’t matter under a national primary system.

As for the candidates being on a “common basis” I find the idea laughable. I’ll agree that all candidates who can raise $150 million in a hurray will be equal, but our campaign process will become little more than a constant barrage of fundraising, fundraising, and then more fundraising.

Our problem is not the undo influence of some states, but rather the fact that under our current system, citizens lose more and more ability to become informed and make a thoughtful decision as the Campaign season compresses to practically nothing. A national primary will make it impossible for anyone but the richest or most well-connected to run for President, as we’ll also suffer through a barrage of ads, etc.

We don’t need a national primary, we need a fundamental change in the system and an elimination of frontloading. With about half the population set to vote on Super Tuesday, it appears the National Primary is already set and if we want the Republic to survive, we better dump it in a hurry.


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