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The Race-Driven Church Midweek Open Trackbacks

Posted by Adam Graham on March 13, 2007

Imagine a church that boasted of it’s support for the White Community, the White Family, the White Value System, and the White Work Ethic. Imagine that they agreed to “Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting White Institutions” and “Pledged allegiance to all White leadership who espouse and embrace the White Value System.” We might say the church is racially motivated, might even say it was racist. Now imagine that a Presidential Candidate attended.

Such is the case with Barack Obama, except it’s focus is on blacks instead of whites. African American Columnist Eric Rush purused the Church’s website and was alarmed by what he found:

One could argue that Obama’s church “worships things African to a far greater degree than they do Christ,” Rush contends. Meanwhile, he says the writings and speech of Trinity United’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, appear to be more Marxist than Christian.

Rush formed this opinion of Wright “after doing some digging and then seeing him appear on Fox News the night after I did,” the columnist points out. He says he became convinced that the pastor’s views are “nothing short of militant; and he complains about living in the United States of white America and … talks about giving back to the black community, et cetera.”

Rush says “like the Nation of Islam, a white separatist church, or the Branch Davidians, Trinity United Church of Christ more resembles a cult than a church.” Senator Obama’s office did not return calls seeking comment.

Indeed, and while the Mainstream Press has no problem pressing Governor Romney on Mormonism’s beliefs, don’t expect Obama to be questioned about his church’s current day radical stances on the issues. Because, one of Obama’s key strategies is to bamboozle church folks. This would throw a monkey wrench into the works and we can’t have that.

I’m also making this my midweek Open Trackbacks post.

First, the rules:

1) Post about anything that’s in good taste. No porn, no spam, no profanity.
2) Send me a trackback of any tasteful post you want and as soon as I check my blog, I’ll update this post with your link provided you link back to this thread. If your software won’t allow you to send trackbacks, just use the Wizbang Standalone Pinger.
3) Deadline is Wednesday at 11:00 PM MT. Further trackbacks won’t be posted after that time.

For your convenience here’s today’s link. If you’re a registered user, the, trackback should appear below. If not, here’s the process:

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2 Responses to “The Race-Driven Church Midweek Open Trackbacks”

  1. Adam, I got an error message when I did the linkfest (only your blog)..I just wanted to tell you and let you know so you didn’t think I omitted you!

    Love your blog :)

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Thanks, I went ahead and added your link. If I get complments, maybe I should get everyone’s post to bounce.

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