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Podcast #213: Butch Otter v. The Middle Class

Posted by Adam Graham on March 14, 2007

This is not a post I’ve been looking forward to writing or a podcast, I’ve been looking forward to doing, but it’s one I’ve got to do.

The Idaho Senate reduced the proposed Grocery Tax credit increase from a $30 to $20 (thus cutting the cost of the increase from $47.5 million to $36 million), but don’t blame them, blame the man in the Governor’s office. The Idaho legislature is nickling and diming Idaho taxpayers in hopes of appeasing Governor Butch Otter who insists on a “means tested” tax credit. The poorest Idahoans would get a $90 annual credit, while the richest (according to Butch Otter a family four earning more than $50,000) would lose their current credit entirely (cost: $22 million.).

Of course, the legislature hasn’t given Governor Otter what he wanted, so he is now threatening to veto tax relief for Idaho families, unless the legislature raises taxes on the middle class. At the same time, Governor Otter is warning that these same Idaho families may have to pay higher gas taxes to cover cost overruns on government highway programs. At the same time he’s putting the squeeze on the middle class, Governor Otter is backing a $100 million tax cut for businesses.

In Otter’s proposals, we begin to see why Republicans are losing support in some quarters: a deep frustration with leadership that won’t stand up for the middle class. A vibrant middle class is a sign of economic success, but in Idaho, we hit people who start earning more than $30,000 with income taxes near the highest bracket, the food they eat is taxed, and now we have Governor Otter wanting to redistribute wealth from middle class families to not only the poor, but businesses as well.

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