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Romney Came to Boise…

Posted by Adam Graham on March 14, 2007

And Jill Kuraitis wasn’t impressed:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a nice man with good hair who was considered a superior governor by opinion leaders on both sides of the aisle, provided a possible reason for all that uncertainty: he’s remarkably uninspiring. Anybody who has ever called Al Gore “wooden” has never seen Mitt Romney.

It’s nothing to do with politics or party; it has everything to do with electability. Everyone wants their horse in the race to have what it takes to cross the finish line first, and today, Romney didn’t have it.

I was eerily reminded of the novel and film of “The Manchurian Candidate,” a thriller in which a handsome war hero is controlled via a brain microchip and turned into the perfect presidential candidate, who is later directed by evil forces via the chip. His speeches are repetitive platitudes which seem to arrive in his mouth by computer. Romney is good-looking, fit, beautifully turned out with perfect white teeth, and unfortunately, he speaks that way, too.

He’s certainly not the first presidential candidate to employ banality in an attempt to say nothing which would commit him to any firm policy, but it’s still disappointing. The weariest old adages flowed from Romney like so much water. “Look at my wife and me and our family if you want to know our values,” he said.

“Look at my heart, character and experience.”

“I see the internet age and the YouTube era as a great opportunity to take my message directly to the people.” And that message would be…..

Now to be fair, fundraisers are rarely riproaring events no matter who the candidate is, but Jill’s observations are worthwhile, if for no other reason than the immediate reaction from some Romney backers:

I found this article quite disappointing. The press seems to look for answers from Mr. Romney that are found on his website at I cannot comprehend why the media is wanting to look at something different then what is already stated.

Than why exactly do we bother with campaigns? Instead, why not send billboards for the candidate’s webpage? People go to judge a candidate’s sincerity. But they don’t get that. Apparently, they’re serving up platitudes and, “for actual information visit my website.”

Oddly enough, Bryan Fischer had a similar experience with the campaign:

Last Thursday (see link below) we posed seven questions for Mr. Romney to answer, the answers to which could alleviate a good deal of the skepticism that hovers about his recent conversion to pro-life, pro-family views on social issues.

The campaign, unfortunately, did not provide us with Gov. Romney’s responses to these questions, but instead directed us to a third-party website that is not affiliated with the governor’s campaign. The email included a statement from Sarah Pompei in the governor’s communication department that “most of the questions put forward by ID Values Alliance have already been answered by the Gov.” and could be found on this website (“Evangelicals for Mitt”).

It is disappointing first of all that Mr. Romney’s campaign would send us to an unaffiliated website for answers. It’s not important for us to know what “Evangelicals for Mitt” believes the governor’s responses would be; it is important for us to know what the governor himself has to say on these important matters.

If the governor desires public support from Idaho conservatives, it is appropriate that he provide public and straightforward answers to the important questions they are asking.

A good rule of thumb is that when two people on opposite sides of the aisle notice a campaign that is light on the issues, than there’s almost certainly a great element of truth to it.


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