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Who’s Afraid of Stephen Colbert?

Posted by Adam Graham on March 15, 2007

Apparently, the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), the Democratic Caucus chairman, has told new Democratic members of Congress to steer clear of Stephen Colbert, or at least his satirical Comedy Central program, “The Colbert Report.”

“He said don’t do it … it’s a risk and it’s probably safer not to do it,” said Rep. Steve Cohen. But the freshman lawmaker from Tennessee taped a segment that last week was featured in the 32nd installment of the “Better Know a District” series. Colbert asked Cohen whether he was a black woman. He isn’t.

What’s odd about this is that Colbert’s bias is quite clear. He’s great at what he does. When he interviews Republicans, he tries to make the Republican look stupid, when he interviews Democrats, he tries to make himself look stupid in order to make Republicans look stupid.

This is like declining a T-ball invite for Dems. This shows they can only be comfortable in hyper-controlled environment. It’ll be interesting to see how these Freshmen Dems who can’t handle Colbert deal with running for re-election on their own merits in Red Districts.

Hat Tip:
Wizbang! Also talking about this: Outside the Beltway


3 Responses to “Who’s Afraid of Stephen Colbert?”

  1. I totally hope Bill Sali goes on The Colbert Report. Maybe he’ll get the “name the 10 Commandments” question and we’ll see if he does better than the guy from Florida did. ( )

  2. Correction — he’s from Georgia.

  3. Adam Graham [Member] said

    He has a better chance of being on there than any Democratic Congressman, particularly a freshman.

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