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A Night On the Town

Posted by Adam Graham on March 16, 2007

I went to see Amazing Grace tonight. I’ll have a review for tomorrow’s podcast. Andrea and I tried not to be hyper-early as we really don’t care fore the pre-movie commercials. The previews we understand, but commercials in the theater, give me a break.

We went to Edwards 21 and wandered around and were invited to watch a little bit of a rehersal for a new Family Friendly improve Comedy place, ComedySportzidaho. I’ll try and catch a show in the next few weeks.

The previews before the movie were mostly okay, though I have to admit my slight annoyance with the Last Mimzy. This is the second Christian-based film I’ve gone to that’s had a preview for the movie featuring psychic kids with their bunny rabbit spirit guide. I think it was playing during the Nativity movie as well. Who chooses the targeting of these ads? This was almost as bad as them trying to sell us on, “Conversations with God” during Facing the Giants. From now on, unless I’m nervous as to whether the movie will be around long enough to make it there, you will only see me in second run theaters.


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