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The Truth and Hope Report: The Hoax of the Century

Posted by Adam Graham on March 18, 2007

We examine a Mitt Romney fundraising letter replete with begging for cash, distortions, and a dubious claim of “unwaivering principles.” We take a look at other news from 2008, and then delve into the depths of the culture of death as displayed in Moscow, and then wrap up with some thoughts on race.

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Human Events:

Romney Lacks a Compass on Several Important Issues


California Moves Up Presidential Primary

Renew America:

CPAC and extended campaigns — too much too soon

One News Nows:

Colorado Congressman not optimistic about pardon for agents

Captains Quarters:

Thompson Indicates A Move Away From The BCRA


Young French, seeking hard work, head for Britain

Mom’s solution to cramped living

Ban word “terrorist” from U.S. trial, lawyer asks


Senate votes 29-6 to keep illegal aliens from getting public support

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