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About the Spending…

Posted by Adam Graham on March 19, 2007

My colleague at Renew America, Nathan Tabor is working for the Duncan Hunter campaign. I respect him and his role, and also that he’s not signed on with a mainline candidate. He has a very good piece making the case for his candidate that has a slight flaw:

And, unlike some of the spendaholics who are currently seeking the White House, Hunter is truly committed to a balanced federal budget — one crafted according to the philosophy of economic growth rather than tax-and-spend liberalism.

With respect, give me a break. Hunter’s spending record is a principle reason I don’t support his campaign. Hunter’s grades from the National Taxpayer’s Union in the four year period from 2002-2005 were all less than a “B”. He voted for the Medicare Reform bill which created a huge new government entitlement.

He ended up 91st most fiscally conservative in 2006. He seemed to turn things around a little bit after spending pretty heavily for four years, he went to a “B” from to NTU to the top 100 fiscally conservative. (in 2005, he ranked #187. Nothing against Hunter, but his record doesn’t speak well to fiscal conservative.


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