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Civility and Talibania

Posted by Adam Graham on March 19, 2007

Radical Russ recently made another post in which he compared Brandi Swindell to the Taliban. Russ writes:

Barbie just sent me a couple of e-mails detailing two successes in her attempts to institute Christian Sharia law in America.

As I wrote previously, actual Sharia is quite harsh. For example on Sharia:

This means, that if the homosexual is married, he/she is stoned to death, while if single, he/she is whipped 100 times.

So, what two things did Brandi support that are comparable to wanting to execute or lash 100 homosexuals times.

Requring that women be told they have a right to view ultrasounds before an abortion and getting equal time for conservative speakers at BSU. How is it that liberals can get in a tizzy over a ocmment by Ann Coulter that some people took as suggesting that John Edwards is a homosexual (not that liberals find anything wrong or insulting with suggesting that.) but Russ can go and compare someone supporting relatively fair measures to the Taliban.

The rest of the post isn’t much worth responding to accept this one post on the Ultrasound issue:

Oh, wait, hold on. I just did some Googling and discovered there is no such prohibition in Idaho. A woman (or man, for that matter), has always had the right to view the results of any personal medical test. Any woman seeking an abortion at any time in Idaho can turn to her doctor and say, “Excuse me, may I see my ultrasound?” Not surprisingly, many women undergoing this emotionally traumatic decision choose not to see the ultrasound. Hmm. I guess I’m confused. What exactly do the words “offered an opportunity” mean in the context of the law? Could that mean the doctor is required to put the ultrasound on the viewing screen and say, “Hey, if you wanna see your fetus, it’s right up there on the screen”? What, then, about the women who didn’t want to see it? Are you asking the State of Idaho to force them to see it?

No, what the bill would do is let women know that they do have the right to view the ultrasound. It doesn’t require them to look or force them to be shown.


2 Responses to “Civility and Talibania”

  1. Russ’s argument is typical. Any measure that might potentially reduce the number of abortions is met with blind opposition. He “did some googling” and found that women currently can request to see the ultrasound. Which, of course, is not the point. This bill requires doctors to offer the mother a view of the ultrasound image. I would ask Radical Russ which abortion provider he knows of that would use the ultrasound image to dissuade the mother from going through with the abortion? If there are doctors out there that fundamentally oppose abortions, they are hardly performing them themselves.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Yeah, and any other industry they would find the lack of regulation appalling. Imagine if someone proposed a bill that said you could see a warning label on cigarettes provided you askk for it.

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