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New Testaments Unbound

Posted by Adam Graham on March 19, 2007

A blogger recently criticized Voice of the Martyr’s Bible unbound program for only sending New Testaments rather than full Bibles. Todd Nettleson explained the reason:

The biggest reason to send a New Testament instead of a whole Bible is SIZE. Remember, these are being mailed by Bibles Unbound participants into RESTRICTED nations…places where the mail gets searched, confiscated or simply stolen on a regular basis. Our goal is to send an envelope rather than a package, to make it as innocuous looking as possible in order for it to run right through the mail sorting machine while drawing as little attention as possible. A Bible would require a larger envelope or even a package, which would draw far more attention from authorities that do NOT want the Word of God to come into their country. We believe that by mailing New Testaments the way we have chosen we have a far higher success rate of them actually being delivered into the restricted nation.

This is reasonable enough. I’d point out that somee pastors have access to nothing more than fragments of scripture, and a whole New Testament. would certainly be an improvement over that situation.

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