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Of Rosa Parks and the College Republicans

Posted by Adam Graham on March 19, 2007

There’s a great deal of controversy over the BSU College Republicans and their fundraiser, as well as their success in getting balance in student speakers. In yesterday’s Statesman, Brandi Swindell wrote:

Sadly, we are now witnessing another kind of discrimination right here in our own backyard. It is “intellectual discrimination” and it has taken hold on the campus of Boise State University. This kind of discrimination is not based on race or gender. Rather, it is based on intellectual viewpoint and ideology.

However, it is just as pernicious and ugly.

Members of the Conservative Student Coalition have discovered conservative and moderate speakers are forced to the “back of the bus” at Boise State. A sign should be posted outside of all academic buildings stating, “Conservative speakers need not apply,” or, “Conservatives take a seat in the back of the classroom.”

After extensive research, the Conservative Student Coalition uncovered over the past five years BSU had spent $300,000 on left-leaning speakers. What is the amount spent on right-leaning speakers during the same time period? $0. That’s right, not one penny.

This kind of rigid intellectual discrimination and indoctrination should never be tolerated at any university, especially one that pays for their speakers with public funds…

Thankfully, courageous students have begun to speak out. In January, the Conservative Student Coalition exposed this bias and launched a campaign urging fellow students to take action against university bias in the selection and financing of guest speakers.

They contacted the Idaho Legislature. Boise State President Bob Kustra had to answer questions on the issue. He admitted the speakers “tilt to the left.” A major victory for intellectual diversity and the students.

Last week, a greater victory was secured. Students from the Conservative Student Coalition met with President Kustra and Vice-President Lalibetre. It was decided that a new lecture board would be created and controlled exclusively by students.

Now, many have taken issue with the comparison between Rosa Parks and conservative students, Chris at Unequivocal Notion writes:

The incredible thing is that she compares whiny BSU Conservatives not being able to have an Ann Coulter hate rally to the the civil rights movement!

Now, no one has talked about inviting Ann Coulter on the conservative side. If you only get one choice, Ann wouldn’t be my top choice or near it. Just as I’m sure liberals love Michael Moore coming to town.

But isn’t it funny? Liberals in Idaho whine about “one party government” and not being allowed to have an extra seat on JFAC, yet Chris doesn’t describe them as whiny, only conservatives are “whiny” because they’re paying to have themselves propogandized and speakers who share their values are persona non grata. They don’t get to vote. They didn’t lose the vote. I’d wager that if students were asked as a whole to choose their speakers, you’d have fewer liberal speakers.

I also find it funny that Ann Coulter is considered hateful, while the left is okay with Jesse Jackson coming to speak. You’ll remember that Jackson famously called New York “hymietown.” Not only that, but Jackson has constantly served to re-enforce bad actors who terrorize the Black community in the names of creating a culture of victimization. But that’s okay. He’s also known as a shakedown artist. But he’s okay, Ann Coulter’s a problem because she says nutty things to attract media attention and sell books.

As a former Conservative College student, I’ll not claim the discrimination against conservatives is on the same scale as it is against longtime oppressed groups. Conservative College students are subject to paying for their own re-education. People who make decisions about their grades and future are hostile and ridicule their beliefs. Even the most stupid liberal beliefs abound in college. I remember the one person who swore up and down that Buddha rejected Christianity and that he’d been told it by his anthropology. Problem is that Buddha lived 500 years before Christ. It was nonsense, but people believed it. This is a blow for basic freedom of thought and academic freedom in college.

The BSU College Republicans have given some ammunition to the left with an unwise promotion for a speech with Former Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez:

BOISE – A Boise State University group has angered area Hispanic leaders and other organizations by promoting a speech with a “food stamp drawing.”

The drawing requires people to climb through a hole in a fence and offer fake identification for a shot at wining a dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

The school’s College Republicans organization is offering the dinner for two to promote a speech it is sponsoring by Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez

Now, I question not only the promotion but the decision to invite Vasquez. While, at one point I admired Vasquez, he about did himself in when he announced for the US Senate:

-1) The day after Helen Chenoweth died.

-2) In the middle of an election in which Senator Craig was campaigning for our Republican leadership
-3) While criticizing the Republican nominee for US House

The promotion is not wise, but is it racist? Hardly. It is only racist if you associate illegal immigration with race. Clearly, Republicans don’t. Clearly Robert Vasquez doesn’t (hello, the guy’s name is Vasquez), he’s not offended by the promotion. Republicans just finished electing a Hispanic Superintendent of Public Instruction, Raul Labrador was elected to the State House in district 14. The immigration issue is not about race. It’s about our nation’s security, the rule of law, and the principle that the law abiding shouldn’t pay for the activities of the lawless. We are a sovereign nation.

Julie makes the following comment on the College Republicans:

Yes, and we are seeing one of these chapters being written on the BSU campus as we speak, by the young thugs whom Swindell defends.

A regrettable promotion makes the College Republicans thugs? Why? Because they got the Administration to end the liberal hegemony over who speaks at BSU? That makes them thugs!

I did a google search on Julie’s blog with the word “thug” and found she’s used the word twice. In May, 2004 she used it to allude to the Bush Administration and in 2006, she used it for those who opposed Max Cleland’s re-election.

I found no record of her using that term to refer to Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or the terrorists. That that term only applies to political opponents is quite telling.


2 Responses to “Of Rosa Parks and the College Republicans”

  1. Just so you know, Adam, of course I think bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are/were thugs, too.

    Thugs! It’s a great word, and frankly, I am surprised I have only used it three times in almost 1300 posts.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    So you’re putting Bin-laden on the same level as few college kids with bad judgment?

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