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By Popular Demand

Posted by Adam Graham on March 20, 2007

A colleague from the Republican Central Committee enjoyed my recent letter to the editor in the Statesman so I’m republishing it here:

I’m a Republican represented by three Democrats in District 18. While I disagree with them all on various issues, both Rep. Durst and Sen. Kelly have been civil to me in their responses, while being professional and respectful.

When I wrote to Rep. Phylis King in support of a Woman’s Right to View Act, she replied, “It is interesting that the only people writing to me about this bill are males!” and informed me that although the legislation was “redundant and unnecessary” she intended to vote for it anyway.

While certainly one can debate the merits of the Woman’s Right to View Act, what is undebatable is that legislators work for their constituents. Can you imagine telling a manager at your company, “Isn’t it interesting that only female managers favor your proposal?”

Still, you have to hand it to Rep. King for one thing. In two months in the Legislature, she appears to have developed the type of arrogant and condescending attitude that it takes most politicians decades to develop.

Hopefully, the people of District 18 will send their own message to King in 2008: “You’re fired!”

I don’t really care too much for the letter to the editor format. (In 200 words, we often don’t give important issues the attention they deserve.) But, as long as people read them, you have to play by the rules, and do the best you can.


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