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Cutting Taxes for Working Families is “Not the Right Thing to Do”

Posted by Adam Graham on March 20, 2007

Goveror Otter has done it. He vetoed a bill to offer tax relief to all Idahoans:

Gov. Butch Otter has vetoed the grocery tax relief bill that lawmakers in both houses earlier passed by overwhelming majorities. “It’s the wrong thing to do,” Otter told The Spokesman-Review. “It spends $11 million more than we wanted to.” He said “the most obvious and glaring” objection he had, though, was, “It doesn’t really get that tax relief to the people that really need it.”

Yet, as I seem to recall, the Otter Administration didn’t have any problem backing a tax cut to businesses for $100 million. That cut didn’t end up passing, so there’s money.

Let’s be plain, honest, and blunt. As someone who has listend to Idahoans in recent years:

1) No one wants to pay the grocerty tax. I’ve not run into anyone who argues that it’s reasonable you pay no tax on a manicure but get taxed on food. While Governor Otter may argue that the poor need the tax cut more, middle Class Idahoans don’t deserve the tax increase he proposed. Let me summarize another article :I wrote with these facts about who Otter’s plan would raise taxes on:

Single Parents earning more than $31,450
Married Parents with two children earning more than $43,500

Married People without children earning more than $31,900
Single People earning more than $28,150

2) After passing last year’s vital tax relief, members of the legislature pledged something would be done about the grocery tax. If nothing happens, people’s cynicism and anger will deepen and there will be consequences.

It sounds like House Speaker Denney will attempt an override while Senate President Pro Tempore Geddes is more non-committal:

“We might look at the option of lowering the impact a little,” Geddes said. “We could let it sit there. Or perhaps the caucus will want us to look at override.”

How about listening to the people and to the common sense voice of the legislature. This tax credit change was approved 35-0 in the Senate and 61-6 in the House. Of 102 members of both houses who voted, only 6 agree with the Governor. ’nuff said. Do the right thing. As Mountain Goat report wrote:

Should be interesting to see where legislators’ loyalties lie — with Gov. Otter or with their constituents.

Indeed, while Republican legislators would no doubt hate to give a Republican governor a black eye, to paraphrase President Hayes, “He who serves his state best, serves his party best.”


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