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The Selective Seperation of Church and State

Posted by Adam Graham on March 21, 2007

This story out of Chicago is a reminder that for leftists the rules are different:

As CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports, Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he is “on the side of the Lord.”

The governor called his campaign a “crusade,” declaring that, as he sees it, he is on the side of God in offering Illinoisans more access to medical insurance and better schools.

Now, mind you that this is the state where Alan Keyes was savaged for stating that Christ wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama due to the latter’s oppostion to protecting children who are born alive during an abortion. Alan Keyes was a nut for stating God’s opinion on a Senate race on the basis of God’s character in scripture, but Rob Blagojevich is a-okay enlisting God’s support for his tax increase.

Apparently, the leftist theology is that God is an almighty lobbying group like a celstial People for the American Way that only takes stand on legislation, but not on candidates.

Hat Tip: Club for Growth.


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