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Idaho Legislative Update

Posted by Adam Graham on March 22, 2007

The Idaho House is sending a bill to Butch Otter’s desk to cut-off non-emergency benefits to Illegal Aliens.

Meanwhile, Butch Otter seemed to do the right thing for the wrong reason in vetoing a bill to ban smoking in Bowling Alley:

“Given legislative concerns about ‘social engineering,’ particularly in regard to my proposal for targeted expansion of the grocery tax credit, in the interest of consistency it seems reasonable to conclude that such concern would extend to this legislation as well,” Otter wrote in his veto message.

Now, the legislature shouldn’t be in the business of telling businesses how to operate, but the reason for Otter’s veto seems to have at least a measure of petty legislative payback for opponents of his tax increase on the middle class including State Sen. Brent Hill, who is publicly saying he doesn’t think his stance on the sales tax had anything to do with it. If Hill believes that, I’ve got a bridge to sell him.

Kempthorne did this type of petty thing to do and in my opinion, it’s not becoming of the governor. Bills should be passed on their merits, not to get payback.


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