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One America

Posted by Adam Graham on March 22, 2007

I wanted to say something about the dramatic announcement from Senator Edwards about his wife’s cancer and his decision to continue the campaign, but Scott Orr said it all as he departed from satire to write a speech for the President on the matter:

For you today, there’s one America that pauses to weep or takes a knee to pray.

There’s one America that casts off the red and blue uniforms of the games we play in public to join your team as you struggle in private.

There’s one America that calls on Divine Providence to intervene on your behalf.

And across this land, in every village and on almost every city block there’s at least one American anonymously sharing this portion of life’s trouble with you right now. Your public prominence means you will continue to inspire others, but you are not a poster child, nor super human. You have no obligation to us to act a certain way.

Elizabeth and John, may you find strength for the journey, faith from above, grace to endure, fellowship among those who share the burden and unstinting love from all of us.

My brother and sister, there’s just one America now…and we’re praying for you



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