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Pro-Life With a Little Cross

Posted by Adam Graham on March 22, 2007

Some pro-lifers are stating that Fred Thompson has always been pro-life in response to attacks from Romney supporters suggesting a flip flop. (Hello, pot, this is kettle, you’re black):

This morning, I cited reports being promoted by the pro-Romney blog Evangelicals for Mitt suggesting that Fred Thompson ran his two campaigns for Senate in Tennessee as a pro-choicer. Not so, National Right to Life executive co-director Darla St. Martin just told me.

St. Martin said that she went down to Tennessee in 1994 to speak with Thompson personally when he first ran for Senate, and that she determined he was against abortion.

“I interviewed him and on all of the questions I asked him, he opposed abortion,” St. Martin said. She told me that the group went on to support him in that election, and his record reinforced for her that their determination was correct.

“He has a consistent voting record that is pro-life,” she said.

Now, let’s be clear, Thompson voting record is good, but Thompson’s early views on abortion are confusion. If you pick up the 1994 post-election edition of National Right to Life news, you’ll see a list of pro-life Senators elected in the class of ’94. Thomspon was on the list, with a cross by it.

The cross stood for Thompson’s support for legal 1st Trimester abortion. He was generally pro-life, but supported abortion during the 1st trimester. National Right to Life, as an incrimentalist organization, would much more prefer to have a Senator who favored 1st Trimester abortions and would vote for them on the rest of the issues. However, he would be defined as pro-choice in some places and would be defined as moderately pro-choice by me. Of course, Thompson hasn’t had to deal with where he stands on 1st Trimester abortions since 1996.

Certainly, this is better than Mitt Romney, who was pro-choice when he ran in 2002 and not just on 1st Trimester Abortions. In addition, Thompson has been consistent in his view of Roe.

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