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Truth and Hope Report: Weekend Update (What’s Wrong With Talk Shows?)

Posted by Adam Graham on March 25, 2007

What is wrong with talk shows today and does it have something to do with teaching our kids one side of controversial rather than teaching them to think? Also hypocrisy from Steny Hoyer and some House Democratic Freshman. One Texas Legislator proposes to pay women to give up their baby for adoption, while a Texas College Student points out the “benefits” of abortion. China tries to make Communist thugs more ethical, and we ask what will it take to get the Christian Church to fight together rather than against one another.

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Human Events:

Talk Shows

Five ‘Blue Dog’ Dems Break Campaign Pledges Voting for Iraq Spending Bill

Wizbang Blog:

Mock Jury Finds Man Not Guilty for Global Warming

Jill Stanek:

Abortion Keeps America Healthy, Wealthy, and White

Red State:

DC Voting Bill Pulled

In Which Steny Hoyer Embraces the Dark Side

Save the GOP:

$500 To Stop Abortions

US News:

Racing Video Games May Make for Faster Drivers

Washington Times:

Top Anti-China School Teaches Anti-Corruption

Fox News:

Romney Tries to Lure Student Fundraisers With Cash-Back Prog


Abortion Battle Heats Up as Christians Unify

Persecution Blog:

Christian Children Kidnapped and Forced to Convert to Islam in Nigeria

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