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Comedy Sportz Is Awesome!

Posted by Adam Graham on March 26, 2007

When I was younger, I had a love/hate relationship with “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” I loved the freewheeling style of improv comedy. I despised the constant pottymouthed use of 4 letter words. After watching an episode and sometimes during, I’d feel annoyed and a tad guilty (because as a Christian I knew this wasn’t a good thing to watch.)

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Comedy Sportz. So you’ve got “family friendly” improv with all the comedy, and none of the junk. Could it really be together in one package within 5 miles of my house? I had to go see.

I went to Comedy Sportz in Boise and it was excellent. It’s an Improv Comedy Show where everything is made up on the spot. The crew at Comedy Sportz Idaho are incredibly talented and think fast on their feet which makes for great comedy and a great experience.

Unlike other improv and comedy shows, Comedy Sportz keeps it clean so you can take the whole family. The Improv is treated as a sporting event with the national anthem sung before the show. A comedy club that sings the national anthem? You bet.

Comedy Sportz is located conveniently at the Spectrum (near Edwards 21), so you can go and grab a meal or play a few games at Gameworld beforehand.

The concessions included a reasonable selection at prices much better than Edwards.

The only negatives have to do with the accommodations. Be prepared for your average dining room chair, not theater seats. Bathrooms take one at a time. And the night I was there, only cash was accepted, which led to a trip to the ATM with a foreign ATM fee.

But that’s because Comedy Sportz is so new. No doubt, the accommodations will get better as the business grows. Boise, go and check them out. They have my highest recommendation!


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