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Truth and Hope Report: John McCain: Bandwidth Thief

Posted by Adam Graham on March 27, 2007

The McCain Campaign is caught stealing bandwidth from a MySpace template designer, Tom Vilsack gets a sweetheart deal from Hillary Clinton, San Francisco decides to bag it, why the pro-choice movement is really pro-abortion, the impact of parents and faith, and the Senate casts a tragically stupid vote on Iraq.

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My Election Analysis:

heh. heh heh. Heh Heh Heh. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Fox News:

Hillary Clinton to Help Tom Vilsack With Campaign Debt

Michelle Malkin:

San Francisco declares war

Jill Stanek:

$500 from government ok to abort, not adopt

Evangelical Outpost:

Family Facts #5

My Way News:

Senate Signals Support for Iraq Timeline

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2 Responses to “Truth and Hope Report: John McCain: Bandwidth Thief”

  1. Dude.
    You steal bandwidth just like McCain did. Does your “Jesus Fish ring a bell?”

    Must be a Republican thing. Don’t you feel just a little bit bad ripping into McCain’s campaign for doing something that you do yourself?

    Without getting into a “my candidate is better than yours” discussion you said that McCain’s Myspace is a “very popular destination”. I’d wager that Barack Obama’s MySpace is just a tad be more popular.

    McCain has 2013 friends.

    Obama has 83710 friends.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Well, I was a newby blogger around two years ago and McCain’s site (with more than 2,000 friends) sucks bandwidth far beyond the ability of my little blog, but your point is taken, I will go ahead and make the change. Thank you for pointing out this newby blogging mistake. It will be corrected post-haste.

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