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Legislative Update

Posted by Adam Graham on March 28, 2007

This won’t fly. Trying to change primary reform legislation at the last minute to protect the privacy rights of Independents who choose to vote in a political party’s primary is somewhat absurd. The development most likely means the legislature will adjourn without a solution and the words, “See you in Court.” from the Idaho Republican Party will hopefully be forthcoming. The first Amendment right to free association ought to be defended.

Meanwhile, as the legislature prepares to get out of town in a hurry, I’m going to give you the lowdown. I’ve picked 7 Senate Votes and 9 House Votes to create a Conservative meter, a scale on which to judge the legislature. Included in the 9 House votes will be today’s override vote on Governor Otter’s veto of the sales tax as well as the votes on smoking in bowling alleys. I went through the legislature’s site, and found most of the bills and then double-checked Idaho Conservative Blogs and the Idaho Values Alliance for good measure. So I’ve made my list and I’ll be checking it twice and you’ll find out who’s been naughty and nice. I doubt my legislators will fare too well. I expect Durst to come out with about a 33% total and King to hit at about a 0%. This will be an imprecise process at best, but someone has to start tracking these people’s records.

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