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On to the Senate

Posted by Adam Graham on March 28, 2007

The State House voted to override Governor Otter’s veto. A breakdown of the voting’s not available yet, but there’s been some switching going on:

There have been some switches on this vote. Phil Hart (R-Athol) who voted against H. 81 the first time switched. And then we have Rep. Wendy Jacquet who is providing the Democrat’s bizarre rationale for opposing sales tax relief:

House Minority Leader Wendy Jaquet, D-Ketchum, opposed the override, saying she preferred to entirely remove the sales tax from food, but if that couldn’t be accomplished, she favored a “sliding scale” as the governor proposed. “The problem that I have with the bill today is that we would be going home giving people 20 more dollars,” she said. “We haven’t resolved that bigger … problem. … Let’s at least try to take care of the people that are the most affected.

So, let’s go ahead and raise taxes on the Middle Class. Let’s go ahead and put the squeeze Single Parents that just clear $30,000 a year. I’ll be interested to see how the voting went and how my own Democratic Representatives voted on this.

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