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Pick Your Poison

Posted by Adam Graham on March 28, 2007

The Repubican Study Committee compares the four proposed Democratic budgets:

One Way, or Another,

Democrats Will Raise Your Taxes
(#’s reflect tax increases over next 5 years)

Progressive Caucus – $949.3 Billion

Congressional Black Caucus – $711.9 Billion

Democrat Leadership – $392.5 Billion

Cooper (Blue Dog Leader) – $197.8 Billion

Compared to the Congressional Budget Office baseline – adjusted to assume the extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax relief passed by the Republican Congress – each Democrat budget would impose massive tax increases on the American people

vs. The Republican Budget:

Ø Balances the budget by 2012, without raising taxes,

Ø Historic levels of entitlement reform,

Ø Prevents Washington spenders from spending money that Americans entrust to the government for their retirement

A budget that even a dog should love.

Hat Tip: Red State


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