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Idaho Conservative Scorecard

Posted by Adam Graham on April 2, 2007

If you happened to wonder what I was doing all day, I’ve just completed, the Idaho Conservative scorecard. Now, everyone can find out how their legislators voted this past session.

My legislatures in district 18 rated as follows:

Senator Kate Kely (D.)-14%
Rep. Branden Durst (D.)-33% (2nd most conservative Democrat in the House.)
Rep. Phyllis King (D.)-0% (A little far to the left, I’d say.)

Go to the Idaho Conservative and find out how your representatives stack up.

Blog Idaho linked to it and Right Mind provided his opinion of his two GOP legislators scoring a 33 and a 29% (with appropriate graphic, and it was covered in the Idaho Values Alliance newsletter.

Trish and Halli declare the scorecard “amazing” in a nice write-up. The Idahoan opines, “The bottom line is, this survey accomplishes a wonderful thing — it gives the reader a broad look at the philosophical underpinnings of each legislator. And it does so in a form that we can’t remember ever being utilized in Idaho until today.”

He also points out one issue that probably should have been included (the expansion of government education for kids 3 and up.) and wasn’t.


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