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Praise for the Legislature, Boos for the Legislature

Posted by Adam Graham on April 2, 2007

The Idahoan points out the positives of the Idaho Legislature:

1. Unlike the Congress, Idaho’s lawmakers meet just for a few months out of the year. Then they go home to their real jobs.

Elliot Werk excepted, but yeah. I think it’s good that it’s a temporary gig. I’d like it to be a tad more temporary (term limits, please) but as much as I gripe about the legislatures, they are better than the rascals that are running the House now. And yes, we do owe them a debt of gratitude. The Legislators works hard, long hours for little pay, and for the vast majority of them, their political “career” ends right in the legislature. We think of all the legislators who go up for bigger and better things, but that’s the exception not the rule. Of course, there are crooked legislators, stubborn ones, and the like. Then there are decent ones who work hard. Sometimes, we criticize them, too. If they know their job. They understand, taking flack is part of it.

Meanwhile, Randy Stapilus points out that the Statesman’s poll on the election shows the plurality giving the legislature an “F.” Thus proving the liberalism of Statesman site readers. Personally, I gave them a “C.” While, they did much good, they did some harm and the most important issue (i.e. grocery tax relief) was left on the table.


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