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About the Secret Ballot

Posted by Adam Graham on April 3, 2007

Some people have insisted that party registration would violate the secret ballot, now one exasperated liberal complains about Rep. Tom Loertscher stopping a bill for mail-in voting:

And now he’s opposed to a move that was wildly popular, would have saved money, and would have increased voting rates statewide because he thinks voting is too easy!? And aren’t we ALL already regularly lamenting that voting matters less and less for Americans, based on dwindling voter turnouts!?

Of course, mail in voting would also increase vote fraud, deny the secrecy of the ballot (who is Mrs. James voting for. Let me check her outgoing mail and I’ll find out.) and can make ballot counting take longer, but by all means let’s do it anyway. It’s widely popular as I’ve seen the marches of thousands demanding it, clamoring in the streets. Indeed, it was a miracle that a pitch-fork armed mob didn’t storm the Capitol after it died in committee.

I urge readers to check out No Vote by Mail and to listen to this interview I did with a liberal opponent of mail in voting.


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