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Something That’s Got to Change

Posted by Adam Graham on April 3, 2007

From KIDK:

After more than a year of delays..Idaho falls hypno-therapist, Barry Tegeler…finally meets his fate.
Judge Peggy Stanford, sentenced Tegeler to a minimum of 120 days in county jail…and four years probation for molesting his patients while they were being hypnotized.

During that time, Tegeler is forbidden to practice hypno-therapy….or have any job where he will be in a one on one setting. Treatment will be an integral part of Tegeler’s incarceration.

This isn’t Tegeler’s first go-round of battery charges. As Part of a plea deal in 2003, He was given probation for battery.
As the law stands now…regardless of how the number of battery charges on Tegeler’s record sexually molesting an adult will never be considered a felony offense.

Pickett and Judge Stanford believes Tegeler’s crimes should be considered a felony offense and that our Legislature needs to do to do a better job at protecting women.

I would agree on that.


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