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Truth and Hope Report: Monday Night Talk

Posted by Adam Graham on April 3, 2007

Tonight on the Truth and Hope Report:

-Can and should Congress force Regional Primaries?
-Congressional Pork Games
-A Listerner Asks About Hate Crimes
-A Senseless Ban
-Most Americans Believe “Palestine” would be a Terror State
-Baseball Round Up

Click here to download.

CNS News:

Will Early Nominations Lead to Voter Disinterest?

Club for Growth:

Senators Pass Around the Pork

Human Events:

Bi-Partisan Bill to Stop Pork

Global Warming Heresy


Web News Readers Have Greater Attention Span

Outside the Beltway:

FCC Continues Plane Cel Phone Bans for No Apparent Reason

CNS News:

Most Americans Think Palestinian State Would be Terror State

Captain’s Quarters:

Retreating on Robinson


Indians uncover lost Chapman plaque

Denver Post:

Extending Support

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