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2007 National Tartan Day Weekend Open Trackbacks

Posted by Adam Graham on April 6, 2007

It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.-Declaration of Arbroath

Nearly half the signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent as were 9 of the Governors of the Original 13 states. Congress approved a resolution honoring Tartan Day in 1997. In a special edition of Truth and Hope Report, I talk about Tartan Day and the danger of lost heritage for our country and the church.

Click here to download.

This will be a normal Open Trackbacks post. However, throughout the weekend, I’ll be searching for blogs commemorating tartan day and link to them as well.

Celebrating Tartan Day:

Log, Tori Lennox, Benjamin L, Myth Medieval, Tales of an Introvert, Jennice, Gypsy Dove, Foodie Chickie, Chaz, Night Bird’s Fountain, Sepia Mutiny, Napping at Red Lights, Gadling, Blah Blah Blog, Jim, Red Car Garage, Clint and Jill, I Speak of Dreams, Ol’Mark

First, the rules:

1) Post about anything that’s in good taste. No porn, no spam, no profanity.
2) Send me a trackback of any tasteful post you want and as soon as I check my blog, I’ll update this post with your link provided you link back to this thread. If your software won’t allow you to send trackbacks, just use the Wizbang Standalone Pinger.
3) Deadline is Sunday at 11:00 PM MT. Further trackbacks won’t be posted after that time.

For your convenience here’s today’s link. If you’re a registered user, the, trackback should appear below. If not, here’s the process:

Enter the characters as shown in the box and something like this should appear

This is a Trackback URL that’s good one time only so that we can seperate humans from spammer bots.

Below are other great parties:

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Linking In:

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Planck’s Constant

New York City Makes the Cut to Fight AIDS
Circumcised males are less likely than their uncircumcised peers to acquire a sexually transmitted infection, the findings of a 25-year study suggest.



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