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Phylis King Update

Posted by Adam Graham on April 8, 2007

Like most people, I don’t read the Letters to the Editor regularly, so I was a tad surprised to find a couple letters in response to my letter to the editor on Phyllis King had slipped in, when I did a Google search. For those of you who don’t remember, I sent Rep. King a simple e-mail and she sent me a snotty reply which led to a letter to the edtior on my part.

Her first defender was Heidi Soto, who wrote:

I am writing in response to a letter by Adam Graham regarding Rep. Phylis King and to offer another viewpoint. I was surprised by the level of offense Graham reports and his judgment of King based on a single interaction. Her comments seemed fairly innocuous, although maybe not politically correct for Idaho. It is clear that Graham would rarely agree with a Democrat, so that may be why he is so quick to criticize.

Well, let’s o back to my letter in which I wrote of the original incident:

When I wrote to Rep. Phylis King in support of a Woman’s Right to View Act, she replied, “It is interesting that the only people writing to me about this bill are males!” and informed me that although the legislation was “redundant and unnecessary” she intended to vote for it anyway.

As I said later on, this didn’t show respect to a citizen who she represents. I doubt if I were a State Representative who wrote Heidi Soto and said, “It is interesting that the only people writing to me about this silly legislation are females.” I doubt she would consider it politically incorrect.

In the previous paragraph, I also made it clear that her District 18 colleagues had been professional:

I’m a Republican represented by three Democrats in District 18. While I disagree with them all on various issues, both Rep. Durst and Sen. Kelly have been civil to me in their responses, while being professional and respectful.

This is about conduct in office. Soto goes on to write:

As a past school PTO president, I found that King has always been willing to volunteer at our school whenever requested, even prior to her election. I never received that same level of interest from previous representatives. Prior to this last election, I was not able to get any of our legislators to step one foot in the school. Now that’s arrogance.

Very nice and also an utter non-sequiter. While volunteering at the school or giving blood, or any other charitable activities are great, it doesn’t prove lack of arrogance, nor does failure to step into a school prove arrogance-only a lack of time. I also find it hard to believe that Rep. Julie Ellsworth never went inside a school as she’s a teacher.

Susan Creed added another defense which mainly serves illustrate the importance of retail politicking without actually addressing my point.

King, herself had a Reader’s view in the paper regarding the legislative session: writing:

Despite all our good intentions, I have been frustrated and disappointed in the lack of forward progress this year. The Democratic caucus came to the Statehouse in January prepared to work on a wide range of issues that are vitally important — community colleges, sales tax on food, and public transit. Unfortunately, I think some of my colleagues in the Legislature failed to address the needs of Idaho’s future.

Again, we have the regreful complaint about nothing being done about sales taxes
when Rep. King voted against the override of Governor Otter’s veto for sales tax relief in lock step with the Democratic leadership in the House:

I hope that my constituents continue to send me e-mails — they keep me energized and informed.

Yeah, right. I have no plans to e-mail Rep. King again as I’ve been given ample evidence that she doesn’t give a rip about what anyone things other than the Democratic leadership and people who agree with her viewpoint. Certainly, despite disagree with Rep. Durst 2/3 of the time, and Senator Kelly on 86% of the Time, I’ll keep e-mailing, because they at least seem somewhat receptive.


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