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Truth and Hope Report: Easter Weekend Update

Posted by Adam Graham on April 8, 2007

On the weekend Truth and Hope Report:

-Rudy’s Trouble with Bloggers
-Detroit Kids Getting I-Pods
-Gays in the Military
-Rich Liberals
-Wrongful Birth Suits
-Whose to Blame for the lack of confidence in the judicial system?

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Bloggers to Blame for Rudy’s Bad Week

Detroit News:

An I-Pod for Every Kid: Are they !#$!ing idiots?

Save the GOP:

Ipods for Everyone

Wizbang Blog:

Democrats in Michigan are Complete Idiots

Clayton Cramer:

Lenin Was of Noble Birth

Dilbert Blog:

Is Copyright Violation Stealing?


The Fear Industrial Complex

Jill Stanek:
Hallmark Moment

Outside the Beltway:

Florida Will Let Felons Vote

Comic Books Top Stocks as Investment

Human Events:

Former Justice O’Connor Blames Criticism of Judicial Activism — Not Activism — for ‘Loss of Faith’ in Judicial System

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